Asustek Computer Inc (OTC:ASUUY)

51.13 USD -2.67 USD ( -4.96% )
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Relative Value

The Relative Value of one ASUUY stock under the Base Case scenario is 39.58 USD. Compared to the current market price of 51.13 USD, Asustek Computer Inc is Overvalued by 23%.

Relative valuation is one of two methods of placing a monetary value on a company; the other is Discounted Cash Flow valuation method. We use a combination of these two methods to calculate the Intrinsic Value of stock as accurately as possible.

ASUUY Relative Value
Base Case
39.58 USD
Overvaluation 23%
Relative Value
Worst Case
Base Case
Best Case

Valuation Multiples

Median 2.6
Industry 2.4
Forward Multiple 2.3
Median 44
Industry 21.9
Forward Multiple 49.5
Median 47.2
Industry 17
Forward Multiple N/A
Median 52
Industry 20.6
Forward Multiple N/A
Median 5.6
Industry 2.7
Forward Multiple N/A
Median 45.2
Industry 16.1
Forward Multiple N/A
Median 4
Industry 2.5
Forward Multiple N/A

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