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A10 Networks Inc

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A10 Networks Inc
Price: 12.74 USD +1.43% Market Closed
Updated: Dec 11, 2023

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A10 Networks Inc

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Fundamental Analysis

2023-Q3 Earnings Call
Artifical Intelligence Analysis

A10 Faces Decline, Still Positive on Growth
A10 Faces Decline, Still Positive on Growth

A10's revenue dipped by 10.6% this year, landing at $181.2 million, with product revenue decreasing 18.7%, yet service revenue showed a slight 2% increase. Despite lower revenues, their non-GAAP net income was $36.5 million, only marginally down from $39.3 million the year before. Cash generated from operations was robust at $41.8 million. A cash position of $169 million and the absence of debt provide financial stability. They've returned capital to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks, with a new $50 million repurchase plan underway. Looking ahead, Q4 2023 revenue is projected between $70-$80 million, and a full-year non-GAAP EPS growth is anticipated for 2023. Confidence persists for revenue and EPS growth in 2024.


Balance Sheet Decomposition
A10 Networks Inc

Current Assets 265m
Cash & Short-Term Investments 169m
Receivables 59.1m
Other Current Assets 36.4m
Non-Current Assets 113m
PP&E 43.6m
Intangibles 1.3m
Other Non-Current Assets 68.3m
Current Liabilities 111m
Accounts Payable 8.2m
Accrued Liabilities 23.6m
Other Current Liabilities 79.5m
Non-Current Liabilities 69.6m
Other Non-Current Liabilities 69.6m
Fundamental Scores

ATEN Profitability Score
Profitability Due Diligence

A10 Networks Inc's profitability score is 70/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

Positive Gross Profit
Exceptional 3-Year Average ROE
Exceptional 3-Year Average ROIC
Positive Free Cash Flow

A10 Networks Inc's profitability score is 70/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

ATEN Solvency Score
Solvency Due Diligence

A10 Networks Inc's solvency score is 69/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Low D/E
High Altman Z-Score
Short-Term Solvency
Long-Term Solvency

A10 Networks Inc's solvency score is 69/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Wall St
Price Targets

ATEN Price Targets Summary
A10 Networks Inc

Wall Street analysts forecast ATEN stock price to rise over the next 12 months.

According to Wall Street analysts, the average 1-year price target for ATEN is 14.79 USD with a low forecast of 12.12 USD and a high forecast of 16.8 USD.

Price Target
12.12 USD
5% Downside
Price Target
14.79 USD
16% Upside
Price Target
16.8 USD
32% Upside
View Analyst Estimates
View Analyst Estimates

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ATEN Insider Trading
Buy and sell transactions by insiders

Cumulative Transactions Amount
Period Sold Bought Net
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
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Shareholder Return

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ATEN Price
A10 Networks Inc

1M 1M
6M 6M
1Y 1Y
3Y 3Y
5Y 5Y
10Y 10Y
Annual Price Range
52w Low
52w High
Price Metrics
Average Annual Return 29.31%
Standard Deviation of Annual Returns 31.18%
Max Drawdown -55%
Shares Statistics
Market Capitalization 953m USD
Shares Outstanding 74 096 400
Percentage of Shares Shorted 4.58%

Company Profile

A10 Networks Inc Logo
A10 Networks Inc


United States of America



Market Cap

953m USD

Dividend Yield



A10 Networks, Inc. engages in the provision of application networking solutions that help organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks remain available, accelerated, and secure. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California and currently employs 590 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2014-03-21. The firm's portfolio supports customers operating in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments. The firm's product portfolio consists of six secure application solutions and two intelligent management and automation tools. Its secure application solutions include Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC), Lightning Application Delivery Controller (Lightning ADC), Thunder Carrier Grade Networking (CGN), Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS), Thunder SSL Insight (SSLi) and Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW). Its intelligent management and automation tools include Harmony Controller and aGalaxy TPS. Its software solutions are available to be delivered in a variety of form factors, such as embedded in optimized hardware appliances, as bare metal software, containerized software, virtual appliances, and cloud-native software.


San Jose
2300 Orchard Pkwy






Pres, CEO & Board Chair
Mr. Dhrupad Trivedi
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Brian Becker
Exec. VP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing
Mr. Matthew P. Bruening
Head of Global Operations
Mr. Bret Sloan
Exec. VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Sec.
Mr. Scott Weber
VP of Worldwide HR
Mr. Andrew Kim
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Managing Director of Australia & New Zealand
Mr. Greg Barnes
Global Field Sales CTO & Shared Services SVP
Mr. Ravi Raj Bhat
VP of Sales and Pres & Country Mang. of Japan KK
Mr. Toru Kawaguchi
Director of Threat Intelligence & MLOps
Rich Groves
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What is the Intrinsic Value of one ATEN stock?

The intrinsic value of one ATEN stock under the Base Case scenario is 14.99 USD.

Is ATEN stock undervalued or overvalued?

Compared to the current market price of 12.74 USD, A10 Networks Inc is Undervalued by 15%.