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By joining the affiliate program, you can earn 20% of the membership fees Alpha Spread collects from a subscription for up to 12 months. Commissions are awarded only when referred customers enter a paid plan, following the 7-day trial.

When a visitor clicks on your refferal link and is taken to, a cookie will be placed on the visitor's computer. If the visitor signs up for a paid Alpha Spread membership and starts paying, you will earn a commission from the subscription. We will set the lifetime of the cookie to 60 days, so you have the possibility to earn a commission any time within the next 60 days if the visitor becomes a paying member.

Where can I use the affiliate links?

You can use the affiliate links anywhere you would like to, such as your website, YouTube channel, twitter, seeking alpha, public forums, other websites, etc.

How Are Affiliates Paid?

All affiliate commissions are processed and sent to affiliates 3-5 days after the request. Please allow 5-10 business days (allowing for weekends and holidays) for your payment to reach you. You must earn a commissionable sale worth $100 in commissions to receive your first commission payment.

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Join the program today and start earning 20% for every subscription.

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