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Intrinsic Value is all-important and is the only logical way to evaluate the relative attractiveness of investments and businesses.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

Intrinsic Valuation

Understanding the difference between a stock’s current price and its intrinsic value could be the difference between a terrible investment and a great one.

We use proven and science-based valuation methods to automatically estimate the intrinsic value of stocks.

META Intrinsic Value
Base Case
285.75 USD
Overvaluation 16%
Intrinsic Value
Worst Case
Base Case
Best Case

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A stock has no absolute intrinsic value because the future is not predetermined.

The true intrinsic value lies somewhere between the worst and best case scenarios. Gaining insight into the full range of potential stock intrinsic values provides a comprehensive understanding of the investment's risks and opportunities.

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How does valuation work?
Intrinsic Value Calculation

There are two methods to calculate the Intrinsic Value of a stock: DCF Valuation and Relative Valuation. We take the average of these two methods to estimate the intrinsic value as accurately as possible.

What is DCF Valuation

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation is a helpful method for investors to determine a company's value by examining its future cash flows. By estimating and adjusting the company's future earnings for the time value of money, investors can make better decisions based on the present value of those earnings, rather than just relying on market price or other factors.

Alpha Spread streamlines your investing experience by automatically calculating the DCF Value of stocks, providing you with an accurate assessment of a company's worth. Additionally, our platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to manually calculate the DCF value, giving you full control and flexibility to analyze stocks based on your own assumptions and preferences.

What is Relative Valuation

Relative valuation is used to value companies by comparing them to other businesses based on valuation multiples such as EV/Revenue, EV/EBITDA, and P/E ratios.

Our algorithm takes into account all the information about the company's valuation multiples and consolidates it into one single number - Relative Value.

The Alpha Spread Magic
Alpha Spread automatically estimates stock intrinsic value

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Alpha Spread’s stock analysis software doesn’t stop when your stock valuation ends.

We take all the information about a company's profitability and solvency and consolidate it into two numbers - the profitability and solvency scores.

The higher the score, the better.

META Profitability Score
Profitability Due Diligence


META Solvency Score
Solvency Due Diligence


AAPL Price Targets
Price Targets made by Wall Street

Wall Street
Price Targets

Discover the expert analysis of top Wall Street analysts, who use a combination of fundamental and technical factors to arrive at a price target that reflects the true value of a stock. Our intuitive representation of their insights makes it easy to understand and act on their recommendations.

Wall Street
Financials Estimates

Get exclusive insights into future financial performance with expert projections from Wall Street analysts, covering key metrics such as Revenue, Operating Income, and Net Income.

AAPL Revenue Forecast
Estimates made by Wall Street

Are you a

DCF Valuation

Alpha Spread offers a comprehensive set of tools that allow you to manually calculate the DCF value, giving you full control and flexibility to analyze stocks based on your own assumptions and preferences.

Intrinsic Value
Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis illustrates how changes in key model inputs, such as Discount Rate, Revenue Growth, and Operating Margin, impact the DCF Value of a stock. By presenting a range of possible outcomes, this feature allows you to thoroughly assess the investment risks and opportunities, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions.

A great product. When a friend of mine suggests a stock, I pickup my phone and immediately go straight to the Alpha Spread to look through all of the important valuations.

Darren Powers

Easy to use and very helpful. I favor technical analysis but Alpha Spread allows me to incorporate complex fundamental analysis into my long term strategies. I highly recommend this platform.

Tom Halstead

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