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Powerful stock valuation platform
to help you earn outstanding returns.

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Choose the right stocks,
for the right price

Powerful stock valuation platform
to help you earn outstanding returns.

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Calculate stock intrinsic value

Jumpstart your analysis using our pre-built valuation models.
Replace any input data in the valuation models, such as future revenue growth, with your own forecast and get a new intrinsic value of the stock.

Check different scenarios.
Check different scenarios and see how the intrinsic value of a stock changes.

Perform sensitivity analysis.
Check how sensitive the intrinsic value of a stock is to parameters such as the Discount Rate, Revenue Growth, and Operating Margin.

Determine discount rate

Calculate stock discount rate.
Find out what constitutes the discount rate of a stock.

See how the discount rate has changed historically.
Look at how the Risk-Free rate, Beta, and Equity Risk Premium have changed over time.

Change all CAPM inputs.
Analyze Risk-free rate, Equity Risk Premium, and Beta coefficient of stock.

Check ratios among competitors and over time

Look up 20+ years of historical ratios.
See how the coefficients have changed over time, and compare their current values with the history.

Look at the company's competitors.
Assess the company's profitability, valuation, and solvency ratios compared to its competitors.


United States

6 Exchanges.
22,000 Stocks.

Canada & Mexico

4 Exchanges.
5,000 Stocks.

Australia & NZ

2 Exchanges.
2,900 Stocks.

United Kingdom

London Stock Exchange.
1,900 Stocks.

Great tool for evaluating stocks. Saved me lots of time and made my investments outperform the S&P500. Although it's not for beginners so you should know the terminologies and what the valuation methods are used for.

- Andrew Foster, CIO, Family Office

One of the first things to look at when researching stocks. Provides an excellent perspective on profitability and valuation. Has an ability to modify the discount rates and model assumptions. I would highly recommend them over other services.

- Sergey Perechnev, Individual Investor

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Powerful Intrinsic Value Calculator.
Customizable DCF models.
Advanced discount rate calculator.
Sensitivity analysis.
Relative valuation.
Profitability & solvency analysis.
20+ years of history.
More than 30,000 stocks.

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