Apple Inc

144.84 USD +1.08 USD ( +0.75% )


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Valuation Summary

AAPL Intrinsic Value
Intrinsic value based on company cash flows

The intrinsic value of one AAPL stock under the base scenario is 116.08 USD. Compared to the current market price of 144.84 USD, the company's shares are overvalued by 20%.

Intrinsic Value Calculation

Value Per Share
AAPL Intrinsic Value Calculation

Going from the DCF Value to the intrinsic value of one AAPL share.

Capital Structure
Equity Waterfall Chart

DCF Value Calculation
Discounted Cash Flow Model

Calculating DCF Value by forecasting future free cash flow and discounting it at the selected Discount Rate.


Advanced Valuation Analysis

DCF Model Inputs Chart

DCF Value Decomposition
Present Values of Cash Flows

See how each cash flow contributes to DCF Value. Find out what part of the total value is the Terminal Value.

Sensitivity Analysis
Intrinsic Value Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze the possible values of the intrinsic value of the stock under various combinations of variables, such as Revenue Growth, Operating Margin, and Discount Rate.