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Liveramp Holdings Inc

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Liveramp Holdings Inc
Price: 34.3 USD -1.58% Market Closed
Updated: Dec 11, 2023

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Valuation History
Liveramp Holdings Inc

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Fundamental Analysis

2024-Q2 Earnings Call
Artifical Intelligence Analysis

Revenue and Margins Climb, Positive Outlook
Revenue and Margins Climb, Positive Outlook

The company's Q2 delivered a revenue growth of 9%, led by improvements in both Subscription and Marketplace, with a substantial 800 basis points expansion in non-GAAP operating margin. Subscription net retention reached 101%, a figure achieved two quarters ahead of expectations, while total RPO grew by 26% to $490 million. Operating income doubled from the previous year to $32 million, and gross margin held steady at 75%. For FY 2024, revenue projections have risen to $632-637 million, with expected share repurchases of $15-20 million per quarter in the second half. Subscription revenue is set to grow in the mid-single digits, with Subscription net retention hovering around 100%, and Marketplace and Other revenue growth predicted in the low-double digits.


Balance Sheet Decomposition
Liveramp Holdings Inc

Current Assets 728m
Cash & Short-Term Investments 524m
Receivables 175m
Other Current Assets 29m
Non-Current Assets 453m
Long-Term Investments 2.6m
PP&E 32.6m
Intangibles 365m
Other Non-Current Assets 52.1m
Current Liabilities 187m
Accounts Payable 79.3m
Accrued Liabilities 72.5m
Other Current Liabilities 34.9m
Non-Current Liabilities 72m
Other Non-Current Liabilities 72m
Fundamental Scores

RAMP Profitability Score
Profitability Due Diligence

Liveramp Holdings Inc's profitability score is 40/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

Positive Gross Profit
Positive 3-Years Revenue Growth
ROIC is Increasing
Positive Free Cash Flow

Liveramp Holdings Inc's profitability score is 40/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

RAMP Solvency Score
Solvency Due Diligence

Liveramp Holdings Inc's solvency score is 80/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

High Altman Z-Score
Long-Term Solvency
Low D/E
Short-Term Solvency

Liveramp Holdings Inc's solvency score is 80/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Wall St
Price Targets

RAMP Price Targets Summary
Liveramp Holdings Inc

Wall Street analysts forecast RAMP stock price to rise over the next 12 months.

According to Wall Street analysts, the average 1-year price target for RAMP is 40.57 USD with a low forecast of 28.28 USD and a high forecast of 47.25 USD.

Price Target
28.28 USD
18% Downside
Price Target
40.57 USD
18% Upside
Price Target
47.25 USD
38% Upside
View Analyst Estimates
View Analyst Estimates

Competitive Landscape


RAMP Insider Trading
Buy and sell transactions by insiders

Cumulative Transactions Amount
Period Sold Bought Net
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
Why is insider trading important?

Shareholder Return

RAMP Return Decomposition
Main factors of price return

What is price return decomposition?

RAMP Price
Liveramp Holdings Inc

1M 1M
6M 6M
1Y 1Y
3Y 3Y
5Y 5Y
10Y 10Y
Annual Price Range
52w Low
52w High
Price Metrics
Average Annual Return 7.01%
Standard Deviation of Annual Returns 35.75%
Max Drawdown -82%
Shares Statistics
Market Capitalization 2.3B USD
Shares Outstanding 64 809 700
Percentage of Shares Shorted 2.74%

Company Profile

Liveramp Holdings Inc Logo
Liveramp Holdings Inc


United States of America



Market Cap

2.3B USD

Dividend Yield



LiveRamp Holdings, Inc. operates as a global technology company. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California and currently employs 1,200 full-time employees. The firm provides enterprise data connectivity platform that helps organizations to leverage customer data. The company enables companies and their partners to connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences. The company enables organizations to access and leverage data across the applications they use to interact with their customers. The core component of its LiveRamp platform is the omnichannel, deterministic identity asset that sits at its center. The LiveRamp platform enables an organization to unify customer and prospect data (first, second or third-party) to build a single view of the customer in a way that protects consumer privacy. The company supports a variety of people-based marketing solutions, including activation, measurement and analytics, identity, data collaboration with safe haven and data marketplace. Its solutions are sold to enterprise marketers and the companies they partner with to execute their marketing.


San Francisco
225 Bush St Fl 17




1 200


CEO & Director
Mr. Scott E. Howe
Pres, CFO & Exec. MD of International
Mr. Warren C. Jenson
Exec. VP of Engineering & CTO
Mr. Mohsin Hussain
Chief Ethics & Legal Officer, Exec. VP and Assistant Sec.
Mr. Gerald C. Jones
Chief Information Officer & Sr. VP
Ms. Janet Cinfio
Sr. VP of Fin. & Investor Relations
Ms. Lauren Dillard
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Sr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Global Chief Data Ethics Officer
Ms. Amy Lee Stewart
Chief Marketing Officer
Ms. Jessica Shapiro
Chief People Officer
Ms. Sharawn Tipton
Group Managing Director of Asia Pacific
Mr. Frederic Jouve
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What is the Intrinsic Value of one RAMP stock?

The intrinsic value of one RAMP stock under the Base Case scenario is 37.63 USD.

Is RAMP stock undervalued or overvalued?

Compared to the current market price of 34.3 USD, Liveramp Holdings Inc is Undervalued by 9%.