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Braze Inc

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Braze Inc
Price: 56.3 USD +2.48% Market Closed
Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Braze Inc

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Fundamental Analysis

2024-Q2 Earnings Call
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Braze Posts Strong Q2 with Rising Revenue
Braze Posts Strong Q2 with Rising Revenue

Braze's second quarter showed a robust revenue increase of 34% year-over-year, reaching $115.1 million, primarily from subscription services. Customer growth was notable, with the client base expanding by 22% and large customer count by 24%, the latter contributing 57% to the total Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). A remarkable dollar-based net retention was 120% overall and 123% among large customers. Non-GAAP gross margin improved slightly to 70%, and non-GAAP operating loss was notably reduced to $7.6 million from last year's $17.5 million. Q3 revenue is projected to grow around 26%, and Braze anticipates positive quarterly non-GAAP operating income and free cash flow by fiscal year-end 2025.


Balance Sheet Decomposition
Braze Inc

Current Assets 574m
Cash & Short-Term Investments 472m
Receivables 74m
Other Current Assets 27.8m
Non-Current Assets 158m
PP&E 66.1m
Intangibles 32.1m
Other Non-Current Assets 59.9m
Current Liabilities 249m
Accounts Payable 1.9m
Accrued Liabilities 66.2m
Other Current Liabilities 180m
Non-Current Liabilities 43.3m
Other Non-Current Liabilities 43.3m
Fundamental Scores

BRZE Profitability Score
Profitability Due Diligence

Braze Inc's profitability score is 25/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

Positive Gross Profit
Exceptional Revenue Growth Forecast
Exceptional 1-Year Revenue Growth
ROE is Increasing

Braze Inc's profitability score is 25/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

BRZE Solvency Score
Solvency Due Diligence

Braze Inc's solvency score is 73/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

High Altman Z-Score
Low D/E
Long-Term Solvency
Short-Term Solvency

Braze Inc's solvency score is 73/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Wall St
Price Targets

BRZE Price Targets Summary
Braze Inc

Wall Street analysts forecast BRZE stock price to rise over the next 12 months.

According to Wall Street analysts, the average 1-year price target for BRZE is 58.01 USD with a low forecast of 51.51 USD and a high forecast of 68.25 USD.

Price Target
51.51 USD
9% Downside
Price Target
58.01 USD
3% Upside
Price Target
68.25 USD
21% Upside
View Analyst Estimates
View Analyst Estimates

Competitive Landscape


BRZE Insider Trading
Buy and sell transactions by insiders

Cumulative Transactions Amount
Period Sold Bought Net
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
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Shareholder Return

BRZE Return Decomposition
Main factors of price return

What is price return decomposition?

BRZE Price
Braze Inc

1M 1M
6M 6M
1Y 1Y
3Y 3Y
5Y 5Y
10Y 10Y
Annual Price Range
52w Low
52w High
Price Metrics
Average Annual Return -22.03%
Standard Deviation of Annual Returns
Max Drawdown -76%
Shares Statistics
Market Capitalization 5.5B USD
Shares Outstanding 98 870 000
Percentage of Shares Shorted 10.26%


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Braze Inc

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Company Profile

Braze Inc Logo
Braze Inc


United States of America



Market Cap

5.5B USD

Dividend Yield



Braze, Inc. operates a customer relationship management platform for mobile applications. The company is headquartered in New York City, New York and currently employs 1,164 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2021-11-17. Its platform helps brands to listen to their customers, understand them and act on that understanding in a way that is human and personal. Using the Company’s platform, brands ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies. Its platform enables interactions with active users via its customers’ applications, Websites and other digital interfaces. Its platform encompasses the functionalities required for modern customer engagement, which include data ingestion, classification, orchestration, personalization, and action. The firm offers software development kits (SDKs) for installation into customers’ applications on platforms such as Android, iPhone Operating System (iOS) and desktop / mobile Web.


New York City
330 West 34Th Street, Floor 18, New York City




1 164


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
Mr. William Magnuson
Pres & Chief Customer Officer
Mr. Myles Kleeger
Co-Founder & CTO
Mr. Jonathan Hyman
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Isabelle Winkles
Chief Accounting Officer
Mr. Pankaj Malik
Head of Investor Relations
Mr. Christopher L. Ferris
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Gen. Counsel
Ms. Susan Wiseman
Sr. Communications Mang.
Hannah Blackington
Chief Marketing Officer
Ms. Astha Malik
Chief Revenue Officer
Mr. Daniel Head
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The intrinsic value of one BRZE stock under the Base Case scenario is 19.1 USD.

Is BRZE stock undervalued or overvalued?

Compared to the current market price of 56.3 USD, Braze Inc is Overvalued by 66%.