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Berkshire Hathaway Inc

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc
Price: 611 617.24 USD 0.02%
Updated: Jun 14, 2024
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DCF Value

This DCF valuation model was created by Alpha Spread and was last updated on Jun 14, 2024.

Estimated DCF Value of one BRK.A stock is 376 475.41 USD. Compared to the current market price of 611 617.24 USD, the stock is Overvalued by 38%.

Base Case
376 475.41 USD
Overvaluation 38%
DCF Value
Worst Case
Base Case
Best Case
376 475.41
DCF Value
Worst Case
Base Case
Best Case
DCF Value: 376 475.41 USD

Present Value Calculation

This block is the starting point of the DCF valuation process. It calculates the present value of a company's forecasted cash flows based on selected operating model. Adjust key parameters like discount rate and terminal growth, and alter inputs such as revenue growth and margins to see their impact on valuation.

DCF Model
Base Case Scenario

The present value of cash flows over the next 5 years amounts to 11.5B USD. The present value of the terminal value is 87.8B USD. The total present value equals 99.3B USD.
Forecast Period
Discount Rate
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Terminal Growth
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DCF Value Calculation

This stage translates the present value into DCF value per share. For firm valuation models, it adjusts present value for debt and assets to derive equity value (skipped if using equity valuation model). Finally, this equity value is divided by the number of shares to determine the DCF value per share.

Present Value to DCF Value
Capital Structure

Present Value 99.3B USD
+ Cash & Equivalents 35.5B USD
+ Investments 536.1B USD
Firm Value 670.9B USD
- Debt 122.8B USD
- Minority Interest 6.3B USD
Equity Value 541.9B USD
/ Shares Outstanding 1.4m
BRK.A DCF Value 376 475.41 USD
Overvalued by 38%

Valuation Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis
DCF Value Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis assesses how changes in key factors like revenue growth, margin, and discount rate affect a stock's DCF value. By visualizing various scenarios, from significant downturns to optimistic growth, this tool helps you understand potential valuation shifts, aiding in risk assessment and strategic decision-making.

DCF Financials
Financials used in DCF Calculation

366.8B 384B
Operating Income
47.5B 61.4B
-1.3B 10B

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What is the DCF value of one BRK.A stock?

Estimated DCF Value of one BRK.A stock is 376 475.41 USD. Compared to the current market price of 611 617.24 USD, the stock is Overvalued by 38%.

The true DCF Value lies somewhere between the worst-case and best-case scenario values. This is because the future is not predetermined, and the stock's DCF Value is based almost entirely on the future of the company. Knowing the full range of possible stock DCF values gives a complete picture of the investment risks and opportunities.

How was the DCF Value calculated?

1. Present Value Calculation. Utilizing the DCF operating model, Berkshire Hathaway Inc's future cash flows are projected and then discounted using a chosen discount rate to determine its Present Value, which is calculated at 99.3B USD.

2. DCF Value Calculation. The company's capital structure is employed to derive the total Equity Value from the previously calculated Present Value of the cash flow. This Equity Value, when divided by the total number of outstanding shares, yields the DCF Value of 376 475.41 USD per share.