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Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

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Prosiebensat 1 Media SE
Price: 5.972 EUR -0.13%
Updated: Dec 11, 2023

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Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

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Fundamental Analysis

2023-Q3 Earnings Call
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Stable Revenues Amid Cost Efficiencies and Digital Growth
Stable Revenues Amid Cost Efficiencies and Digital Growth

Despite a challenging macroeconomic climate, ProSiebenSat.1's group revenues remained nearly stable, with a slight 1% dip in Q3 to EUR 866 million, and adjusted EBITDA slightly increased, marking a turn after two years of contraction. The decline in traditional TV advertising was significantly cushioned by a 16% surge in digital and smart advertising revenues, largely driven by the success of streaming platform Joyn. The Commerce & Ventures segment thrived, reporting 14% growth in Q3. In a drive for efficiency, the company forecasts gross savings of EUR 100 million by 2024, expecting low-double-digit million euro savings as early as Q4 this year. However, adjusted net income dropped by 41% in Q3. The full-year outlook has been refined with adjusted EBITDA anticipated at the lower end of the target range, and group revenues expected to be slightly below the target range.


Balance Sheet Decomposition
Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

Current Assets 1.2B
Cash & Short-Term Investments 412m
Receivables 610m
Other Current Assets 202m
Non-Current Assets 4.6B
Long-Term Investments 310m
PP&E 516m
Intangibles 3.7B
Other Non-Current Assets 22m
Current Liabilities 1.4B
Accounts Payable 839m
Accrued Liabilities 55m
Other Current Liabilities 473m
Non-Current Liabilities 3.1B
Long-Term Debt 2.1B
Other Non-Current Liabilities 968m
Fundamental Scores

PSM Profitability Score
Profitability Due Diligence

Prosiebensat 1 Media SE's profitability score is 47/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

Positive 3-Year Average ROE
Positive Gross Profit
Negative Free Cash Flow
Positive Operating Income

Prosiebensat 1 Media SE's profitability score is 47/100. The higher the profitability score, the more profitable the company is.

PSM Solvency Score
Solvency Due Diligence

Prosiebensat 1 Media SE's solvency score is 27/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Long-Term Solvency
Short-Term Solvency
Average D/E
Positive Net Debt

Prosiebensat 1 Media SE's solvency score is 27/100. The higher the solvency score, the more solvent the company is.

Wall St
Price Targets

PSM Price Targets Summary
Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

Wall Street analysts forecast PSM stock price to rise over the next 12 months.

According to Wall Street analysts, the average 1-year price target for PSM is 8.333 EUR with a low forecast of 4.949 EUR and a high forecast of 15.75 EUR.

Price Target
4.949 EUR
17% Downside
Price Target
8.333 EUR
40% Upside
Price Target
15.75 EUR
164% Upside
View Analyst Estimates
View Analyst Estimates

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Shareholder Return

PSM Return Decomposition
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PSM Price
Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

1M 1M
6M 6M
1Y 1Y
3Y 3Y
5Y 5Y
10Y 10Y
Annual Price Range
52w Low
52w High
Price Metrics
Average Annual Return -0.42%
Standard Deviation of Annual Returns 5.83%
Max Drawdown -71%
Shares Statistics
Market Capitalization 1.4B EUR
Shares Outstanding 226 484 992
Percentage of Shares Shorted

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Prosiebensat 1 Media SE

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Prosiebensat 1 Media SE





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1.4B EUR

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ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE is a mass media and digital company. The company is headquartered in Unterfoehring, Bayern and currently employs 7,906 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2000-10-13. The firm's core business is advertising-financed free television (TV). Its TV stations include: SAT.1, ProSieben, kabel eins, sixx, SAT.1 Gold and ProSieben MAXX. The firm operates in three business segments, including Broadcasting German-Speaking segment, Digital and Adjacent segment as well as Content Production and Global Sales segment. The Broadcasting German-Speaking segment includes the TV activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Digital and Adjacent segment bundles the business units Online Video, Online Games, Ventures and Commerce, as well as Music. The Content Production and Global Sales segment covers the international program production and distribution business. The firm operates as the parent company of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group and operates ProSiebenSat.1 TV Germany GmbH, SevenOne Brands GmbH, SevenOne Media GmbH, Seven One AdFactory GmbH as subsidiaries.


Medienallee 7




7 906


Member of Exec. Board & CEO of SevenOne Entertainment
Mr. Wolfgang Link
Chief HR Officer & Member of Exec. Board
Ms. Christine Scheffler
Chair of Exec. Board & Group CEO
Mr. Bert Habets
CFO, Exec. VP of Group Fin. & Investor Relations and Member of Exec. Board
Mr. Ralf Peter Gierig
Head of Investor Relations & Sr. VP
Mr. Dirk Voigtländer
Head of Group Communications & Events
Ms. Stefanie Rupp-Menedetter
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Group Chief Customer Officer
Mr. Thomas Wagner
Head of Corp. & Fin. Communications
Susanne Brieu
Head of Acquisitions
Rüdiger Böss
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