Albemarle Corporation

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Albemarle Corporation (NYSE:ALB)

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Business Profile
Albemarle Corporation

Albemarle Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets engineered specialty chemicals worldwide. It operates through three segments: Lithium, Bromine Specialties, and Catalysts. The Lithium segment offers lithium compounds, including lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, and lithium specialties; and reagents, such as butyllithium and lithium aluminum hydride for use in lithium batteries for consumer electronics and electric vehicles, high performance greases, thermoplastic elastomers for car tires, rubber soles, plastic bottles, catalysts for chemical reactions, organic synthesis processes in the areas of steroid chemistry and vitamins, life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, and other markets. It also provides cesium products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries; zirconium, barium, and titanium products for pyrotechnical applications; technical services for the handling and use of reactive lithium products; and lithium-containing by-products recycling services. The Bromine Specialties segment offers bromine and bromine-based fire safety solutions; specialty chemicals, including elemental bromine, alkyl and inorganic bromides, brominated powdered activated carbon, and other bromine fine chemicals for use in chemical synthesis, oil and gas well drilling and completion fluids, mercury control, water purification, beef and poultry processing, and other industrial applications; and other specialty chemicals, such as tertiary amines, biocides, disinfectants, and sanitizers. The Catalysts segment provides hydroprocessing, isomerization, and akylation catalysts; fluidized catalytic cracking catalysts and additives; and organometallics and curatives. The company serves the energy storage, petroleum refining, consumer electronics, construction, automotive, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, crop protection, and custom chemistry services markets. Albemarle Corporation was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. [ Read More ]


United States of America


Specialty Chemicals

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31.53B USD

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33.86B USD

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The intrinsic value of one ALB stock under the base scenario is 107.73 USD. Compared to the current market price of 277.25 USD, the company's shares are overvalued by 61%.

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ALB Price Target

12 month price targets for ALB stock made by Wall Street analysts. The average price target is 268.16 USD with a high forecast of 341.25 USD and a low forecast of 80.8 USD.

80.8 USD
Downside 71%
268.16 USD
Downside 3%
341.25 USD
Upside 23%


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1 Week -2% -1%
6 Months +62% +11%
1 Year +104% +28%
3 Years +199% +70%

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