Affiliated Managers Group, Inc

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Affiliated Managers Group, Inc (NYSE:AMG)

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Business Profile
Affiliated Managers Group, Inc

Affiliated Managers Group, Inc., through its affiliates, operates as an asset management company providing investment management services to mutual funds, institutional clients, and high net worth individuals in the United States. It provides advisory or subadvisory services to mutual funds. These funds are distributed to retail and institutional clients directly and through intermediaries, including independent investment advisors, retirement plan sponsors, broker-dealers, major fund marketplaces, and bank trust departments. The company also offers investment products in various investment styles in the institutional distribution channel, including small, small/mid, mid, and large capitalization value and growth equity, and emerging markets. In addition, it offers quantitative, alternative, and fixed income products, and manages assets for foundations and endowments, defined benefit, and defined contribution plans for corporations and municipalities. Affiliated Managers Group provides investment management or customized investment counseling and fiduciary services. The company was formed as a corporation under the laws of Delaware in 1993. Affiliated Managers Group is based in Prides Crossing, Massachusetts. [ Read More ]


United States of America


Asset Management

Market Cap

6.85B USD

Enterprise Value

8.05B USD

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Intrinsic Valuation

AMG Intrinsic Value
Intrinsic value based on company cash flows

The intrinsic value of one AMG stock under the base scenario is 401.67 USD. Compared to the current market price of 166.24 USD, the company's shares are unvervalued by 142%.

Analyst Rating

Analyst Price Target
AMG Price Target

12 month price targets for AMG stock made by Wall Street analysts. The average price target is 199.07 USD with a high forecast of 243.6 USD and a low forecast of 161.6 USD.

161.6 USD
Downside 3%
199.07 USD
Upside 20%
243.6 USD
Upside 47%


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AMG Market
1 Week +4% +1%
6 Months +5% +8%
1 Year +109% +31%
3 Years +44% +65%

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Affiliated Managers Group, Inc Revenue and Net Income forecasts made by Wall Street analysts.